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Personalised Christmas Gifts

Nov 13, 2023 | Christmas

Unique Gifts with Meaning

This Christmas, why not give unique, personalised gifts to family and friends?  Infinity Keepsakes is a small family business in Plymouth, making unique gifts such as memory bears, keepsake animals, memory quilts, memory blankets, memory cushions, wedding keepsakes and much more, from your treasured clothing, all year round.

In addition to the above, we also sell a range of personalised Christmas gifts for all ages, including Christmas Wish Bracelets, Personalised Teddy Bears, Christmas Baubles, Memory Boxes and Christmas Stockings.  If you like the look of any of our products, but are finding it difficult to choose, or you think you want to give someone the change to choose themselves, we also sell Gift Vouchers & Gift Sets

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Wish Bracelets - Infinity Keepsakes
Personalised Christmas Gifts - Personalised Cards - Infinity Keepsakes

Christmas Wish Bracelets

Wish Bracelets are ideal stocking fillers, or small gifts to add to the envelope with Christmas cards to add a little special something.  All wish bracelets come mounted on a card, with the message “Tie this bracelet around your wrist, close your eyes and make a wish.  When the cord begins to fray, the wish you made is on its way.”  These bracelets come in 5 colour choices: cream, blue, pink, grey or coral, and are made from 1mm waxed cotton cord and have a Tibetan Silver 6mm star in the middle.  They are approx. 30cm long, so will fit all wrists comfortably and can be trimmed to size once tied.  Our Wish Bracelets are handmade and are available for many occasions and can be personalised with names and messages to suit, such as ‘A little wish for Amelia,’ ‘A little wish for the best Mum,’ or ‘A little wish to say Merry Christmas.’ 

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Personalised Teddy Bears - Infinity Keepsakes
Personalised Christmas Gifts - Cuddly Toys - Infinity Keepsakes

Personalised Teddy Bears

Personalised Bears make great personalised Christmas Gifts for any occasion, and are perfect for both children and adults.  Personalised with embroidered tags, these bears come in various guises, such as:

  • Bathrobe Outfit Personalised Teddy Bear
  • Farmer Outfit Personalised Teddy Bear
  • Heart Tag Personalised Teddy Bear
  • Round Tag Personalised Teddy Bear
  • Scarf & Hat Christmas Teddy (with name embroidered on scarf)
  • Personalised Christmas Teddy Bear
  • Aroma Scented Teddy Bear
  • Heartbeat Gender Reveal Teddy Bear Kit

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Baubles - Infinity Keepsakes
Personalised Christmas Gifts - Personalised Bauble - Infinity Keepsakes

Christmas Baubles

At Infinity Keepsakes, we make glass baubles – which can be used all year as memorial baubles, or hung on a Christmas Tree.  The 8cm diameter baubles are filled with feathers (white, pink or blue) and include an external acrylic feather decoration which can be personalised with a name or date. We also make baby glass baubles with either star-shaped or heart shaped acrylic decorations, which can be personalised with names and the year of birth.  Our Christmas glass baubles can be made with a Santa-shaped acrylic decoration, with names added to the beard.  These personalised Christmas gifts are ideal for ‘Secret Santa’ presents, small gifts, or for yourself, a family member or friend to commemorate a loved one at Christmas time.

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Personalised Christmas Eve Box - Infinity Keepsakes
Personalised Christmas Gifts - Christmas Eve Box - Infinity Keepsakes

Memory Boxes

Our sought-after wooden memory boxes are wonderful, personalised Christmas gifts, especially with the recent popularity of Christmas Eve Boxes. These boxes are 28 x 28 x 10.8cm, and are crafted from natural wood – meaning each one is unique, due to woodgrain and colour.  They are fitted with sturdy metal clasp and hinges.  These boxes can be personalised with a name, and a message e.g. ‘Charlotte’s Christmas Eve Box’ or ‘Archie’s Christmas Goodies,’ and come in 2 different designs – one with an image of Santa, reindeer and stars on the lid, and the other with an image of a reindeer, with rabbit, stars and snowflakes on the lid.

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Personalised Stockings - Infinity Keepsakes
Personalised Christmas Gifts - Personalised Stocking - Infinity Keepsakes

Christmas Stockings

Everyone has memories of hanging their Christmas stockings on the fireplace as a child – it is a well-known Christmas tradition which has stood the test of time.  Our personalised Christmas Stockings can be made either with a ‘festive house scene’ material, ‘snowman’ material or ‘Christmas Tree’ material, and your choice of name embroidered on the polar fleece top, with a hanging loop secured for convenience.  You could have a stocking made from your own sentimental clothing, or even pet stockings, made from tartan material, with a bone tag, personalised with an embroidered name.  Each stocking is 45cm long.  A perfect personalised Christmas gift for children, grandchildren, or adults!

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Gift Vouchers - Infinity Keepsakes
Personalised Christmas Gifts - Gift Voucher - Infinity Keepsakes

Gift Vouchers & Gift Sets

Do you wish to give the gift of a memory bear, keepsake animal, memory quilt, memory blanket, memory cushion or wedding keepsake to someone who may have lost a loved one, but are unsure about their preference, or which clothing to use?  We have so many to choose from, that we don’t blame you!  For this reason, you can purchase Gift Vouchers and Gift Sets, which make ideal Christmas presents with a difference.  Open Gift Vouchers can be used across the whole site, and redeemed against any product.  They can be purchased in denominations of £20, £30, £40, £50, £80, £100, £150 or £200.  Alternatively, you can purchase a particular gift such as a memory bear, and we will print that on the voucher, rather than a monetary amount.  The recipient can then choose the clothing they wish us to incorporate, select their style of bear and send the clothing to us.

Personalised Christmas Gifts - Contact Us - Infinity Keepsakes

Contact Us

If you wish to contact us to discuss any of the above, or if you have any further questions, please call us on 01752 936765 or email us using the contact form on our website.  All of the above can be purchased online through our website.  Please note – we are extremely busy leading up to Christmas, so please see our key deadline dates, if you wish to receive your goods in time for the big day!

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