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Infinity Keepsakes understands that under GDPR, EU citizens have certain rights in respect of their personal data and how we store it.

Infinity Keepsakes’ appointed GDPR Manager will inform,  dvise and monitor GDPR compliance. The company will implement tools as appropriate that support the process,  rovide necessary security and ongoing delivery of objectives.

The GDPR Manager will regularly review the security of all  tored data records, ensuring their location is secure and not vulnerable to unauthorised data access.

In addition, a regular review will be undertaken to examine  hether data held, needs to be securely deleted under the company’s agreed time scales for retention. Please contact the company in writing for details on their retention policy for  inancial data, marketing data, potential and employee data. [email protected]

Infinity Keepsakes, Unit D & E, Huxley Close, Plymouth, PL7 4JN

Deletion of Personal Data

No personal data will be deleted except on the authorisation of  he GDPR Manager who will keep appropriate records of the  eletion of the data. Data will be deleted securely.

Requests to be removed from our records must be received in  riting by email or post;

[email protected]
Infinity Keepsakes, Unit D & E, Huxley Close, Plymouth, PL7 4JN

Confirmation of deletion will be confirmed via the received communication route in a timely manner.

Updated August 2019

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