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Keepsake Memory Bear

From: £66.00

Our Keepsake Memory Bear is the perfect way to keep your cherished memories alive and breathe new life into your old, treasured clothing.

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Our Keepsake Memory Bear is truly a timeless gift to help you to forever cherish your precious memories. Made using sentimental clothing and fabrics that you just can’t part with, our memory bears are a tactile and magical way to keep your memories alive forever. Our keepsake bears can be made from baby clothes, adult clothes or textiles and are lovingly handmade, using our bespoke patterns. Whether you’ve got a bundle of babygrows, a beloved jumper or several t-shirts you’d like us to transform, we can use a single item of adults clothing or several different items of clothing to create a unique design. Our keepsake teddies are all finished to a high standard, with wooden button joints on the limbs, durable stitching and quality construction. You can also personalise your Keepsake Memory Bear, to create a truly unique gift. Choose from our range of adorable accessories, a embroidered heart to sit around the bear’s neck or personalised embroidery on the bear’s paws. We can make a range of cute accessories for our memory bears, including:

  • Scarf: This can be made from one of your items of clothing or alternatively from our own fleece fabric.
  • Tutu: We use our own netting and ribbon to create your tutu.
  • Tie: We use one of your ties and re-size it to fit the bear.
  • Jumper: A removable jumper created for your bear from your chosen clothing item.
  • Waistcoat: We use your clothes (usually a jumper) to create a waistcoat on the bear. We will try and use any buttons or detail your clothing has on. Please note our waistcoats are sewn into the bear and are not removable.
  • Flat cap: We use your own flat cap and re-size it to fit the memory bear. Please note we can’t re-size normal caps or hard hats.

The possibilities with our Keepsake Memory Bears are endless! We can make them from almost any material – not just clothes! So, if you’ve got a dog blanket, pillowcase, scarf or tablecloth that you’d love to transform into a cherished keepsake, we can help! If you have an idea for your keepsake bear that isn’t shown on our product list, please give us a call on 01752 936765 or send a message through our contact form. WARNING – This is not a toy and is not CE registered. Therefore, it cannot be given to children under the age of 14 years.

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