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Handmade Memory Gifts

Memory Bears, Memory Blankets & Quilts, Memory Cushions & other Keepsake Gifts.

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Our Memory Gifts

Discover our range of beautiful memory gifts, and we will create a keepsake for you, that will be cherished for years to come – perfect for birthdays, anniversaries, retirements, baby showers, graduations, football club promotions and to commemorate lost loved ones or pets. 

Memory Bears

Our memory bears are the perfect way to show someone you care. Made from your beloved clothing and sentimental fabrics, our memory bears can help to breathe new life into your treasured items, to keep your precious memories alive. We can also make school uniform bears as a fantastic keepsake for school leavers.

Keepsake Animals

With everything from bunnies and elephants to cats and mice, our range of keepsake animals is packed with an adorable range of creatures to love and cherish. A great gift for any occasion, our cuddly critters are a magical way to upcycle your favourite fabrics, old baby grows or beloved clothes into a special memory gift.

Baby Clothing Keepsakes

From lions and dogs to owls and monkeys, our selection of keepsake animals comprises of cute and cuddly creatures to love and look after forever. A great gift for any occasion, our plush creations are an ideal way to upcycle your favourite fabrics, old baby grows or beloved clothes into a special keepsake.

Adult Clothing Keepsakes

Our adult keepsakes are perfect for special occasions incl. graduation, retirement, Mothers and Father’s Day, memorials and more.  So, whether it’s a single item of clothing, a collection of football tops, a uniform or a bundle of t-shirts, we can transform them into memory bears, memory quilts, memory cushions or keepsake blankets.

Wedding Dress Keepsakes

Using your beautiful gown, we can make a range of breath-taking wedding dress keepsakes to help your memories last a lifetime. From memory blankets and memory cushions, to wedding dress memory bears and even christening gowns made from wedding dresses, there’s no better way to upcycle your wedding dress!

Gift Vouchers

Browse our full range of memory gifts, and find your perfect sentimental present.

Featured Products

Our Memory Bears

Handmade and bespoke, our memory bears and keepsake animals allow you to hold on to so many precious moments – whether you wish to have one made from old baby grows to preserve the ‘first’ memories of your little one; as a memory gift made from primary school uniform, when a child progresses to their next school; a way of preserving that feeling when yours/your partner’s football team were promoted by using that season’s football shirt; as a reminder of your wedding day – using a part of your dress; as a comfort for those left behind when someone sadly passes – made from a favourite item of clothing, or even as a tribute to your dog/cat, using a pet blanket when they have crossed over the rainbow bridge…  You can choose to keep it for yourself, or gift it to someone special.

We can also make a range of cute accessories for our memory bears, including scarves, tutus, ties, jumpers or waistcoats – using your fabric, or our own – depending upon which item you choose.

Here at Infinity Keepsakes, we understand how daunting it can be to send your cherished clothes to us but rest assured – they are in safe hands and will be treated with the utmost care.

Memory Gifts - Dog Blanket Memory Bear - Infinity Keepsakes
Memory Gifts - Memory Bear in a Waistcoat - Infinity Keepsakes
Memory Gifts - Blue Memory Bear - Infinity Keepsakes
Memory Gifts - Shirt and Tie Bear - Infinity Keepsakes
Memory Gifts - Blue Memory Bear - Infinity Keepsakes
Memory Gifts - Baby Memory Bear - Infinity Keepsakes
Memory Gifts - Graduation Memory Bear - Infinity Keepsakes
Memory Gifts - School Uniform Bear - Infinity Keepsakes

Our Memory Blankets/Memory Quilts and Memory Cushions

Our Memory Blankets & Cushions

Create everlasting memories with our bespoke Memory Blankets and Memory Cushions, designed to collate various memories and make them into one big cuddle.

Memory Blankets and Memory Quilts can be made from bundles of adult clothing, baby clothing or a wedding dress, and come in either standard, single or double sizes, with optional personalisation. They are hand-crafted, with a choice of coloured backgrounds and backing types. Please contact us directly for information on availability and pricing.

We have a selection of unique memory cushions and shirt cushion options available, including keepsake shirt cushions, photo cushions, jumper cushions and patchwork designs made from your baby clothes – all can be personalised to suit, if required.

Patchwork memory cushion
Memory Gifts - Memory Bear Keepsake - Infinity Keepsakes

How Do I Order My Memory Gift?

How do I Order My Memory Gift?

The first step is to choose your keepsake. Pick from our collection of beautiful bears or adorable animals from our website.  Add personalisation, then choose an accessory (if you fancy one) and add it to the basket.  This is the initial part of the process towards creating your unique memory gift.

Once you’ve placed a clothing memory gift order, you send your chosen clothing to us. We can use almost any kind of clothing and fabric (with the exception of swimwear, plastic coats, shoes or very thick knitwear), so whether you’ve held onto some clothing from a lost loved one, kept your old favourite baby grows or want to upcycle a school or work uniform, we can use your cherished items. The amount of clothing required depends on the keepsake ordered, so please check the instructions shown with each product.

If you’re in any doubt about whether your chosen clothing and fabrics will be sufficient enough to make your memory gift, please call us on 01752 936765 or send us a message to discuss your requirements.

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