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What Are Memory Blankets & Quilts?

Feb 7, 2024 | Clothing Keepsakes, Memory Blankets, Quilts & Cushions

Memory blankets and quilts are truly special gifts that can be crafted from a variety of fabrics, such as baby grows, cherished children’s clothes, sport tops or even the garments of a loved one. These sentimental pieces are carefully sewn together to create a beautiful patchwork, allowing us to celebrate the life of those we hold dear, remember significant events, or mark important milestones. Typically, these blankets and quilts consist of squares of the same size or a mix of larger and smaller pieces. Ensuring that any logos or designs on the fabric are showcased.

Memory blankets and quilts are very popular and make great gifts for family members residing in care homes and those coping with mental illnesses. They are also very popular as a gift to our brave service personnel stationed away from home. They help bring comfort to our loved ones and are lovely to snuggle into on those cold winter evenings.

Differences Between Blankets & Quilts

There are lots of different alternatives for your memory blankets and quilts. When it comes to the border and backing of our memory blankets and quilts there are numerous options to choose from. At Infinity Keepsakes we have dedicated years to testing and discovering the most suitable fabrics for both blankets and quilts. For our memory blankets, we utilize a patchwork technique, incorporating your clothing items, while adding a fleece fabric border and backing for added comfort and durability.

On the other hand, our luxury memory quilts follow a similar patchwork style for the centre, but are finished off with a border and backing of cotton. These quilts feature wadding in the middle and are top stitched to sandwich it all together. They are finished off with a delicate surrounding touch of bias binding.

All of our blankets and quilts are available in a range of colour choices and different sizes to suit the recipient.

Baby Clothes Memory Blanket & Quilts

If you are looking for a special and sentimental gift for a new mom, our Baby Clothes Memory Blanket and Quilts are the perfect choice. These items are designed to help moms cherish the memories of their little ones’ first outfits.

Our baby clothing memory blankets and luxury memory quilts are available in popular baby blue, pink colours or cream for keeping it neutral. We carefully select a mix of smaller and larger squares to capture the special emblems and details from the baby grow.

These blankets and quilts are not only beautiful but also serve as a reminder of the precious moments and milestones in a baby’s life. It’s a gift that will be cherished for years to come.

Too Many T-shirts’ Quilts & Blankets

Converting beloved t-shirts, running tops, football jerseys and band shirts into memorial memory blankets has gained tremendous popularity. These blankets not only serve as stunning bedspreads but also as cherished keepsakes that preserve and unite all those precious memories.

To capture the essence of these treasured garments, we typically incorporate a mix of larger squares within the blanket design. This allows us to highlight and showcase the most significant aspects of each top, ensuring that every special detail is beautifully captured and cherished.

Loved One’s Clothes

We can use virtually any item of clothing on our blankets and quilts. The only fabrics which do not work so well are PVC coats, shiny linings and super thin see through fabrics. All of our memory blankets and quilts are fully lined; this lining ensures that a mix of different fabric types can be seamlessly combined without any risk of stretching or losing their proper positioning. Our blankets and quilts offer immense comfort to those longing for the presence of a loved one. Designed to be displayed on a bed or sofa, they create a cosy haven for snuggling up and finding solace.

Other Fabric Ideas

We can use virtually any item of clothing to create our memory blankets and quilts to celebrate those special occasion or hold onto fabrics from a missed loved one. The possibilities are endless, and we have had great success in using various items in previous patchwork blankets and quilts.

For instance, school uniforms hold a special significance and can be beautifully incorporated, as well as pet bedding, and even an abundant collection of scarves. The unique combinations of these cherished garments add a personal touch to each blanket. Making it a truly meaningful and one-of-a-kind piece.

Contact Us

The possibilities and fabric options for our memory blankets and quilts are truly limitless. If you have a unique idea that you don’t see mentioned here, or if you would like assistance in choosing your favourite fabrics, don’t hesitate to reach out to us.

You can contact us directly or send us a message. we will be more than happy to help bring your vision to life.

Additionally, don’t forget to follow us on social media to stay updated with our latest keepsakes and inspirations.

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