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School Uniform Keepsakes – The Perfect Gift for Any School Leaver

Aug 24, 2020 | Clothing Keepsakes, Memory Bears, School Keepsakes

Handmade Uniform Memory Bears

At this time of year, the summer holidays are beginning to wind down and the new school year is firmly on the horizon. For many students, this new school year marks them starting a brand new school or moving on to higher education, something that’s probably been at the back of many people’s minds this year, as we spent several months of the school year in lockdown. Whilst COVID-19 might’ve put a halt on many pupils returning to school to celebrate their last days of year 6, 11 or 13 with their classmates, it’s never too late to create them a special keepsake to commemorate their years at school, which is where our range of school uniform keepsakes come in!

Here at Infinity Keepsakes, we create handmade and unique keepsake bears and owls to repurpose your child’s school uniform and create a memento they’ll treasure for years to come. Whilst a typical leavers day celebration involves signing other students’ shirts or books, these items are often packed away into memory boxes and forgotten about. Our school uniform keepsakes are so adorable, you’ll always want to keep them on display!

How They’re Made

We make our school uniform keepsakes in two different styles, the bear and the owl. The bear is a traditional style teddy bear, with a soft body and an adorable expression. The owl is a cute and quirky keepsake, with a huggable shape and cute finishing touches. Once you’ve decided on which style to go for and checked out, you’ll need to send us your clothing!

In order to make your school uniform keepsakes, we’ll need a minimum of two items of school uniform. This could be old jumpers, cardigans, blazers, summer dresses, skirts or even shirts and ties! We always aim to use any detailing on the clothing (such as buttons or embroidery) and if the clothing you’ve sent has a stretchy fabric, we’ll use a non-stretch lining to ensure your keepsake retains its shape. If there are any parts of the clothing that you do not wish to be used then just add a note to your order, the same applies for any parts that you definitely would like to be used. Any requirements just let us know!

Each of our keepsake animals are made in-house, by our talented team of pattern cutters, machinists and hand sewers. Our patterns are unique to us, so you’ll never see another memory bear or keepsake owl quite like ours!

Our Range of School Uniform Keepsakes

The School Owl Keepsakes are largely made using your child’s school uniform, though we use our own felt fabric for the owl’s eyes and nose. We take in every detail of the uniform into account, ensuring that your uniform keepsake animal looks fantastic and is made with precision. If your school uniform has a logo on, we will top stitch this onto the owl’s belly, so that the school crest is front and centre. We will try and use details from the school uniform such as buttons and pockets wherever possible. The owl keepsake comes in two sizes, standard (11”) and large (13”).

Our School Memory Bear is finished off with button jointed limbs and has a sweet, smiley face. If your child’s school uniform has a logo on it, we will put this on the bears paw or belly. Additionally, you can add personalisation to the bears paws to have the name of your child or even their school name and the years they attended. Our school keepsake bears are a lovely way for your child and yourself to remember all the special memories for many years to come. This keepsake bear comes in two sizes, standard (12”), and large (14”).

For both of the School Uniform Keepsakes, you can customise your purchase further by adding a book bag. We create this by using your child’s book bag which you can then use to store special notes or memories in.

Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about our School Uniform Keepsakes or you have a question about placing an order, please call us on 01752 936765, we always love to hear from our customers!

Stay tuned for our next blog, where we’ll be telling you everything you need to know about memory bears! Don’t forget, in the meantime you can also follow Infinity Keepsakes on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.

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