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Remembering Dad on Father’s Day

May 26, 2021 | Clothing Keepsakes, Father's Day, Memory Bears

Father’s day can be a very challenging and upsetting time for those who have lost their dad, even after many years have passed it can still be a very difficult time. Social media is flooded with posts and shops are filled with reminders so we sometimes need ideas of how best to remember the happy memories of our dad. Here are a small selection of ways that our bespoke keepsake gifts can help you to remember dad on father’s day.

Make a Memory Box

Memory boxes can be a comforting and therapeutic way to remember your Dad on Father’s day. You can fill the memory box with all the things that remind you of your Father. Put in your favourite keepsakes, something he has given you, photos, letters and anything else that brings back those happy moments.

Remembering Dad on father’s day -memory box-Infinity Keepsakes

Make a Photo Album

Ask your friends and family for photos of your dad and create an album in his memory. You can include photos of things he loved to do, places he loved to visit, things you have done together and photos of your father with the family.

Write a Letter

Tell him about your day, how you are feeling, recall your favourite memories together. Take some time to write the words you wish to say to your father and be honest in the way you are feeling.

Remembering Dad on father’s day -keepsake memory bear- Infinity Keepsake

Create a Memory Bear

Re-purpose your Fathers clothes into a memorial memory bear. Whether you have a shirt, a football top, a jumper or a bundle of items, turn them into a keepsake gift that can be displayed and treasured forever, they are just such a great way to give comfort every day.

Create a Memory Cushion

Memory Cushions are made from your father’s favourite items of clothing are a lovely and sentimental way to treasure those happy memories.

Remembering Dad on father’s day -Memory shirt cushions-Infinity Keepsakes2

Pay Tribute by Doing Something He Loved

You can of course visit his final resting place, whilst there take the time to gather your thoughts, talk to him if you find this helps and enjoy the peace these moments can bring. Perhaps spend a while doing an activity your dad loved to do, whether it was fishing, reading, dancing, taking a walk or even sitting by the seaside. Whatever it might have been,  take some time to follow in his footsteps and this will help remind you of your dad and help you to think of him.

Raise Money for Charity

In honour of your Father, you could do something that raises money for a charity or donate the money you would have spent on a gift to a charity. You could use a charity he believed in or one that has helped him.

Remembering Dad on Father's Day: Image of a glass jar with a label reading 'Charity' and a number of coins inside.

Spend Time With Family

Go and spend time with your family, mum, brothers, sisters and so on, it really is an important day for all of you. You could all do an activity together that your dad enjoyed or something he would have loved to do with you.

Talk to Someone

Above all remember you are not alone, your family and friends will be happy to hear how you are feeling and will listen to you talking about your father, whether you need to get those feelings off your chest or you just want to reminisce all those happy memories.

Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about our keepsake memorial gifts or any of our other keepsake gifts, please get in touch with us. You can reach us through our contact form or by phone on 01752 936765.

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