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Memory Blankets – Inspired By The ‘Knitting Nan’

Aug 2, 2023 | Memory Blankets, Quilts & Cushions, Need To Know

keepsakes Made From Knitted Fabrics

My Nan used to love to knit; I remember having weird and wonderful colourful jumpers when I was a child. When my Nan sadly had a stroke it left her unable to talk and move as she used to, but she still loved to knit! She couldn’t do as much as she previously did and was limited to only being able to sew squares and odd shapes.

When she sadly passed away she left behind a massive pile of knitted shapes in so many different bright and wonderful colours. My mum didn’t want to throw these away; they were extremely precious and held a lot of memories.

Instead, my mum decided to hand sew them all together and create a mix-match memory blanket. The keepsake blanket wasn’t perfect but the memories it held was priceless!

After a short period of time this blanket got put in the cupboard and wasn’t really looked at for many years. Our family still talks about how Nan used to knit random shapes when she was in her care home so I decided to create a memory blanket that could be put on the end of the bed, not take up much space and be a memento for everyone to see.

It was so lovely creating this blanket; I chose the patches with the brightest colours and used parts that my mum had also hand sewn together within the patchwork so that the Memory blanket had all 3 generations of work on it.

I gave it to my Mum as part of her birthday gifts and she absolutely loved her keepsake memory blanket. It now takes pride of place at the end of her bed.

It is so wonderful to create a keepsake that will be treasured and kept for many years and even more wonderful that we can all think of happy memories when we see the keepsakes that our loved ones once wore or handled.

Different types of memory blankets & quilts

At infinity keepsakes we make a range of wonderful memory blankets and quilts that can be made from your most treasured items of clothing, why not check out our different types –

Other ideas for keepsakes made knitwear

There are plenty of different types of keepsakes that can be made from knitted jumpers and other types of loved ones clothing. If you’re looking for something a little different to a memory blanket, infinity keepsakes stock a wide range of gifts from memory bears, keepsake animals, cushions and even hot water bottles.

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If you’d like to learn more about our keepsakes or would like to get one made from your own clothing or handmade knitted patches, please get in touch with us. You can reach us through our contact form or by phone on 01752 936765.

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