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Keepsakes Made From Loved Ones Clothing

Sep 14, 2022 | Bereavement Keepsakes, Clothing Keepsakes

It is a very difficult and sad time when a loved one passes away. Among the many things to be sorted, is what you should do with your loved ones clothes. It can of course be extremely upsetting throwing them away or even giving them away so why not consider an alternative option.

At infinity keepsakes we create memory keepsakes made from your loved ones clothing. We believe this brings comfort and joy at such a difficult time. Whether you choose a memory blanket, keepsake cushion, memory bear or a keepsake animal. We know it will bring a smile to you and your family’s faces (maybe a few happy tears too).

Our memorial keepsakes are the perfect gifts to put on your sofa, on your bed or even on a shelf. They will be treasured forever and help you remember the special memories you shared together.

Memorial Keepsakes – Customer Collection

We recently made a wonderful collection of keepsakes for a lovely customer, Mr Muhamid Latif. He sent us a couple of boxes of his late wife’s clothes to be made into keepsakes. His story is untouchable it brought much sadness and joy hearing about memories of him and his wife.

We felt honoured being asked by Muhamid to re-purpose his wife’s clothing so the whole family could have a memorial keepsake to remember their mother and grandmother.

“My wife sadly passed away.  To keep her memory alive my daughter suggested that we did something with her clothes. My daughter suggested a memory blanket. I did some research across the internet and came across this website. Infinity keepsakes was very efficient and called me back quickly and advised they could make these for me. I spoke with infinity keepsakes and asked questions, they explained everything really well including the cost and time to make it.  Both blankets arrived in times and my daughter and I were both astonished with the amazing quality of workmanship. I then asked infinity keepsakes to make me five cushions and three teddy bears for my grandchildren. They arrived soon after the blankets. My daughter’s and grandchildren absolutely loved them and it’s a wonderful way to cherish my wife and children mums.”

Mr Muhamid Latif

Luxury Memory Quilt

A beautiful quilt made with patches of clothes in the middle, finished off with a border and backing of 100% cotton and handsewn binding around the edge.

Memorial Memory Bear

Our most popular product, the memorial memory bear can be made from all sorts of clothing items. They are uniquely finished off with personalisation on the feet and optional accessories, such as, scarfs, jumpers and waistcoats.

Patchwork Cushions

Our patchwork cushions are made in the same style as our quilts. With a patchwork of clothes in the centre and 100% cotton used for the border and backing. The patchwork cushion comes with an optional Personalisation patch.

keepsake cushions

Keepsake Animals

We have a range of keepsake animal teddy’s available on our website that can be made from your loved one’s items. Here we have a gorgeous keepsake mouse made for Amelia and a keepsake dragon made for Joseph in memory of their Grandmother.

Contact Us

We are so grateful that we can create a range of memory keepsakes that bring so much comfort to the families who have lost someone close to them.  Have you got a bundle of clothes or a single item from a loved one that you would like made into a keepsake. We would love to hear your story too!

If you’d like to learn more about our memorial keepsakes made from loved ones clothing, please get in touch with us. You can reach us through our contact form or by phone on 01752 936765

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