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Keepsakes & Ideas to Remember Mum on Mother’s Day

Feb 20, 2022 | Clothing Keepsakes, Memory Bears, Mother's Day

Dealing with a loss can be extremely painful; this grief can feel worse on certain dates during the year.  Mother’s day can be a wonderful day to celebrate with your loved one but also a day which can be terrifying and full of sadness for those who have lost. Whether you have recently lost your Mum or a period of time has passed, the day can be difficult nonetheless.

To help cope with the run-up of Mother’s day and the actual day itself, we have put a small list together of keepsakes gifts and ideas to help remember Mum on Mother’s day.

Continue Family Traditions

Was there a tradition in the family, something you did together on Mother’s day, a place you visited, a dinner you cooked or a gift that you would always buy her? Why not carry on that tradition and keep that memory alive.

Play her Favourite Music

Whether your Mum was a big Elvis Presley fan or preferred modern music, you could put her favourite sounds on and have a little dance and sing-along or listen to YouTube while looking through the family photo album. This will sure bring happy memories and help to remember Mum on Mother’s day.

Buy her Favourite Flowers

Did your Mum have a favourite type of flower; Roses, Tulips, Sunflower? You could buy her favourite type of flowers and place them next to a photo or take them to her final resting place.

Create a Memory Bear

Keepsake bears are a gorgeous way to cherish and re-use treasured items of clothing. Sometimes items of clothing made into memory bears can be the perfect way to think of all those happy times.

Infinity keepsakes memory bears can be customised and unique to you with optional personalisation the bears paws, a heart tag that ties around the bears neck and accessories that can make the bears personal such as detachable jumpers, scarf’s, tutu or a sewn-in waistcoat.

Cuddle a Keepsake Cushion

Memory cushions are a wonderful way to treasure your favourite items of clothes. Whether you have one item to use for our keepsake Jumper cushion or multiple items for our fleece cushion or photo memory cushion. They are sure going to be a special keepsake that can be cuddled and held when you’re missing your loved one.

Wrap up Warm in a Memory Blanket

While the weather is still rather chilly out, why not create a patchwork memory blanket from your mum’s favourite items of clothes. Whenever your cold or wish to be close to your Mum, you can pull the blanket out and wrap up underneath it.  Our memory blankets come in various sizes and are perfect for cherishing those favourite garments.

Write to your Mum

Write a letter to your Mum. You could tell her about your day, things that have changed or happened, tell her how you are feeling or recall all your favourite memories together. Take some time to write the words you wish to say.

Make a Memory Box

You could collect all her favourite things, hers and yours favourite photos, letters, birthday cards or little keepsakes that remind you of your mum and create a memory box to keep them all safe in. This will be great keepsake to pull out when you are missing her.

Display a Feathered Bauble

Sometimes just a little keepsake is all that is needed to remember your loved one. Feathered baubles can be purchased all year round and hung around the house.

Talk to Someone

Above all remember you are not alone, your family and friends will be happy to hear how you are feeling and will listen to you talking about your Mother, whether you need to get those feelings off your chest or you just want to reminisce all those happy memories on Mother’s day.

Infinity Keepsakes Reviews

“I’m in love with the bear you have done for me and the cushion & heart for my son & family. Thank you ever so much for everything you have done in creating these lovely bears for us with mums clothes. We will treasure them forever. I am so touched by the way you have talked me through each stage as it was initially a very difficult thing to do sending mum’s clothes off so thank you from the bottom of my heart ❤️”

Sue & Lizzie

“This is a fantastic professional and caring service. The products that they make are truly second to none. They come in a lovely package. I have just taken delivery of 2 bears which are of a remarkable quality 5 stars really do not do them justice. Thank you so much these are probably the nicest things I have ever had made for me. I cannot recommend this service highly enough. The communication is wonderful. Thank you so much you are a wonderful service and what you produce is amazing.”


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If you’d like to learn more about our keepsake memorial gifts or any of our other keepsake gifts, please get in touch with us. You can reach us through our contact form or by phone on 01752 936765.

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