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Keepsake Memory Bears – Everything You Need to Know

Sep 16, 2020 | Clothing Keepsakes, Memory Bears, Need To Know

Our Guide to Keepsake Bears

Here at Infinity Keepsakes, we know a thing or two about making keepsake memory bears that are designed to stand the test of time! With this in mind, we’ve put together a handy guide to memory bears, covering all of the questions most people have when they’re thinking of ordering a keepsake gift.

Read on to learn more about keepsake memory bears and what’s involved in ordering and making them!

What Are Memory Bears?

A keepsake memory bear is a teddy bear that has been made out of materials with sentimental value. These bears are typically made using clothing from a lost loved one, baby clothes or old clothing that you treasure, so that they’re completely transformed into a beautiful keepsake you can treasure forever.

Keepsake teddies are a great way to celebrate milestone events, pay tribute to a lost loved one or as a way to celebrate the birth of a new baby, keepsake bears are a fantastic gift for any occasion. Memory bears are also often created to celebrate and commemorate a loved one who has passed away, as having something familiar to cuddle during times of grief can prove to be a great comfort to many people. We can even create memory bears with the ashes of your loved one inside, as a beautiful memorial.

What Are Memory Bears Made From?

As their name attests, keepsake memory bears are made from memories! As we can use virtually any kind of clothing or textiles, you can send us old football kits, school and work uniforms, hoodies or pyjamas to create your unique keepsake. There are a few materials we’re unable to use, such as swimwear, very thick knitwear, plastic coats and shoes; but everything else goes!

If you send us clothing or fabric with a pattern, logo or slogan on it, we’ll always try to incorporate it into our design. We can also try to avoid using certain parts of a garment if you specify this when ordering.

What Kinds of Memory Bears Do You Offer?

We stock a wide range of memory bears, suitable for a wide range of occasions. For school leavers, we have the School Memory Bear, made using old school ties, jumpers, blazers or summer dresses. We also make a Graduation Memory Bear complete with diploma and mortarboard, the perfect way to mark the graduation of a loved one!

If you’re looking for a gift for a new parent, then our Weighted Memory Bear is a fantastic option. Made from your chosen fabrics, this cute keepsake is designed to weigh the same as the little bundle of joy and can be customised with embroidery and accessories for a truly personal present.

If you’d like keepsake memory bears to keep a dearly departed loved one close to you, then our Photo Memory Bear, Ashes Memory Bear and Memorial Memory Bear are a wonderful way to celebrate their memory.

How Long Does It Take to Make a Memory Bear?

When you order keepsake memory bears from Infinity Keepsakes, you can expect a turnaround time of four weeks from the date we receive your clothing. However, we can provide an express service with a two-week turnaround if you need your keepsake in a hurry.

Contact Us

If you’d like to learn more about our keepsake memory bears or any of our other keepsake gifts, please get in touch with us. You can reach us through our contact form or by phone on 01752 936765.

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