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Bereavement Memory Bears

May 2, 2023 | Bereavement Keepsakes, Memory Bears

Remembering Loved Ones with a Keepsake

When you have lost a loved one, it is very important to preserve treasured memories.  You will undoubtedly go through an emotional rollercoaster, encountering shock, disbelief, denial, anger and maybe even depression, before reaching the point where you acknowledge the fact that there is nothing you can do about the situation, apart from carry on with your life whilst ensuring the person in question is never forgotten. Remembering good times is essential to the healing process. A personalised keepsake is a great way of keeping the memories alive. 

Bereavement Memory Bears - Memory Bears - Infinity Keepsakes

What are Bereavement Memory Bears?

Bereavement bears are handmade memorial teddy bears/keepsake gifts which we make out of your sentimental clothing or fabrics such as blankets, scarves and ties. 

Maybe a deceased family member had a favourite jumper, loved their football shirt, wore a particular dress for a memorable occasion, wore a uniform such as army/navy/firefighter/doctor/ or was always recognisable by their favourite scarf.  An elderly relative might have used a specific blanket on their knees in cold weather.  All of these things trigger memories, and rather than throwing them away, or storing them in the loft, never to be seen again, they can be used to make bear that can be kept on what was their favourite chair, or in the bedroom.  Memory Bears can help to provide comfort when people have suffered a bereavement.  Over time, these bears can provide a talking point where families share their favourite memories and can laugh about the good times.

How Can Memory Bears Help the Healing Process?

If a child has lost a parent, grandparent or sibling, it can be comforting to cuddle a bear made from an item of clothing that they associate with that person, to help them to feel safe.  They may not be old enough to articulate their feelings in spoken word, or understand exactly where Nanny or Grandad have gone – and why everyone else seems so sad.

For an older person, a memorial bear could provide an essential outlet.  Many older people don’t wish to burden their family with the feelings of grief they are going through, and put on a brave face even though they are hurting inside.  At night when they can’t sleep, or during the day when they have nothing to do but sit in silence, a bereavement memory bear can give them something to hold on to. They might even talk to the bear, have a good cry and let go all of their feelings of angst, resentment and sadness, without feeling the guilt of putting it onto their surviving family.

Keepsake Memory Bears

At Infinity Keepsakes, we specialise in producing handmade memory bears for bereavement, including:

Memorial Memory Bear

Voice Recorder Bear

Photo Memory Bear

Ashes Memory Bear

You may wish to choose one of our other bears for memorial purposes, such as our Football Memory Bear; Tie Memory Bear; Baby Clothes Memory Bear or Uniform Memory Bear.  Bereavements can come in many forms.  If you have lost a pet, we also make Pet Memorial Bears and a variety of Keepsake Animals.

Bereavement Memory Bears - Custom Made Bears - Infinity Keepsakes

Alternative Memorial Products

If bears are not something you are interested in, we also create Memory Blankets & Quilts and Memory Cushions from sentimental clothes and fabrics.

From our blanket and quilts selection, you can choose from a: Luxury Memory Quilt; Fleece Memory Blanket; Bobble Memory Blanket or a Keepsake Bed Runner.

Cushions include: Photo Memory Cushion; Jumper Memory Cushion; Shirt Memory Cushion; Fleece Memory Cushion and more…

If you prefer to allow someone to choose their own memorial keepsake gift and provide their selected clothing, you can purchase Gift Vouchers and Gift Sets online.  We also create a range of other items, such as Memorial Baubles, Memory Boxes, Baby & Christening Gifts, Wish Bracelets and Christmas Gifts/Stockings.

Bereavement Memory Bears - Memory Bear Gifts - Infinity Keepsakes

Some of Our Recent Reviews

Thank you so much for the beautifully made memory bear made from my late dad’s ties which arrived this morning. I couldn’t be more pleased with it. The customer service from Infinity Keepsakes was fantastic, keeping me up to date with the progress of my order from the moment you received the clothing to the despatch of the finished bear. The specific requests I’d made were followed to the letter. I couldn’t be happier with the craftsmanship and quality. Thank you so much for this much-loved bear which will hold memories of my late dad forever.

B. Ford – (Google Review)

I am completely blown away by the cushion made, by Infinity Keepsake Gifts, from my darling late husband’s favourite two polo shirts. It made me cry when I opened the box. Now I can cuddle him virtually always. Thank you for the care and attention you have shown in producing this incredible treasure for me, bless you. ❤️

J. Wilson – (Google Review)

Latest News – Keep Checking Our Website

The team at Infinity Keepsakes are always looking to innovate and give our customers even more choice.  With this in mind, we have a few exciting prospects in the pipeline…

We are considering coming up with a new collection of handmade bears, made using our own fluffy fabrics, but in the same design as our memory bears (also having button joints, same faces and the cute felt nose.)  These bears will be fully customisable with choice of fur colours, personalisation and an extra addition of adding an item of your clothing. This will be made into a mini-version of the clothes to dress the bear – including shirts, trousers, scarfs, jumpers, cardigans or any other ideas our customers may have.

Our skills are also being used to start creating patterns for easy ‘make your own’ keepsakes which will be available towards the end of the year.  These will be for customers who would like to try and make a keepsake themselves.

Bereavement Memory Bears - Gift Set - Infinity Keepsakes

Contact Us

Check our website to view images of all of the types of Bereavement Memory Bears and other memorial gifts we have to offer.  If you have any queries, or wish to speak to us directly, please do not hesitate to contact us either by completing our contact form, or by calling us on 01752 936765.

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