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The Importance of Keepsakes and Memories

Nov 17, 2020 | Clothing Keepsakes

Ever since I was a little girl, I would keep movie tickets, cards and little stones from holidays on the beach, in a little box that I kept under my bed. And each time I add a new keepsake, the smiles that connect me to the memories are always there. One day I hope to cuddle up with my children (and grandchildren) as we look through my memories, connecting generations, and begin to add some of their own. 

Keepsakes and Memories: Image of a grandfather holding his grandchild.

What are Keepsakes?

A keepsake is something magical that keeps past memories or a connection to those we love who are no longer with us, alive. A keepsake touches our hearts with their warm memories each time we look at them; happy memories of times we once shared with people that are important to us. This year has been tough on many people, especially those losing loved ones through Covid, and even more so as we near the Christmas season.

Sentimental keepsakes, like Memory Bears, Memory Quilts and Memory Cushions, are a bridge to our happiest memories. The love and memories they hold are priceless and are treasured gift to be handed down through generations.

Mementoes can actually be traced back as far as the 15th century, but it was Queen Victoria who was so overwhelmed by grief when her beloved Prince Albert died in 1861, that she would spend the rest of her life finding ways to keeping his memory alive. Not only was she known to be always dressed in ‘widow weeds’, but she commissioned jewellery to be made from jet black gemstones to memorialise her love for Prince Albert and as a public display of her mourning. While times and ways change, the wish to remember a loved one continues with us all.

Keepsakes and Memories: Image of a mother and son embracing.

Keepsakes – Choosing the Perfect One for You

It is not only through the loss of another that we treasure memories; new beginnings, be it a wedding, birth or our child’s first day of school, are all treasured times that we look back on and smile. Having something tangible, like a Memory Blanket or Baby Clothing Keepsakes, is one extra way of helping re-live those memories. There is something about wrapping myself up in a blanket made from the clothes of a treasured loved one that makes me feel safe and happy.

If you are looking for a personalised keepsake gift for Christmas that will be cherished for years to come, to celebrate a special day or commemorate a lost loved one, here are some ideas for you –

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